Hello all, I am a gardener living and working in London, England. Welcome to my blog. It’s for people who are rather geeky about gardening and nature, and who believe the two can mix. I know that may seem a strange thing for a gardener to write, but working in horticulture has made me realise how detrimental to the environment the industry can sometimes be. An obvious example is the perfect lawn, which requires a lot of water and often a lot of chemicals to keep it that way. The manufacture and sourcing of different materials used to build gardens is not always sustainable. I have also noticed that claims are made for ‘green’ design that in practice aren’t working due to a lack of real engagement with the process involved in creating nature friendly areas. For example I was working on a living wall (part of a large commercial site) that was much-feted by the client in terms of its environmental loveliness, but in a year not once did I see a bird feeding on it. This is because the wall was surrounded by a desert of hard landscaping, with no ‘green corridoor’ providing perches and cover for the birds and linking through to other green areas. Yet this problem could have been addressed at the point of design. When built with thought and sensitivity living walls can be great – one of the many creative solutions to garden problems in urban areas that I would like to explore. These include awkward/small spaces, lack of privacy, shade, and soil that seems to consist mostly of builders rubble. Recently I began to create an organic vegetable and wildlife friendly garden with my dad, and I have been discovering so many things that I thought I would start to collect all this information together in one spot, for my own reference and for anyone else who may be interested. How can we improve our surroundings and connect with nature? Remembering that we are all part of nature too, we families, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, strangers.  We are all walking on the same ground – in my case, bit of heavy clay anyone?


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